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Just A Bug

Just a Bug

Several years ago I bought a book by John F. McKim titled Fly Tying: Adventures in Fur, Feathers and Fun. The first half of the book describes various fly tying techniques and fly tying materials. Ever wonder what the difference between spade hackle and spay hackle is? And where on a rooster do you find them? The answer is on page 22. Any of your hunting friends ever give you a duck? What flys can you tie with all those feathers? The answer is on page 26. In fact the book explains everything you ever want know about hackle and more. It's worth the price alone for just that information (it's less than $4 used on Amazon), but it also contains patterns that the beginner can easily tie. One fly in the book that I like is Just a Bug, the first pattern in the book. This fly only uses two materials plus a hook and tying thread. It is a bream fly attributed to Dave Johnson of Knightstown, Indiana. It works very well.

Hook--Mustad 3906B size 8-12
Thread--Black 6-0
Tail--White Marbou
Body--Black Chenille in small

Fly Tying
First attach the tying thread, be sure to leave enough room for a head. Wind the tying thread to a point opposite the barb of the hook. Attach the tail using the soft loop technique. Next attach a 2-3 inch piece of black Chenille. When attaching the Chenille it helps to strip about a quarter inch of the Chenille fibers from the thread that runs inside the Chenille. Attach the Chenille by these threads, and wind the thread to the tie in point. Wrap the Chenille forward and tie off. Finish with a thread head and whip finish.

You can fish this fly under a strike indicator or better yet under a popper like the Gurgle Pop. You might just catch two fish at once.

You can watch me tie this fly here.