I posted this fly in 2010.  Since then the video has been viewed 10,243 times.

The Gurgle Pop is a foam popper that is deadly on Bream and Bass. I have caught hundreds of Bass on this fly in the Boundary Waters. The fly is easy to tie.

The fly requires a foam strip that is about 1/4 inches wide for a size 10 hook. You can cut craft foam (available at Hobby Lobby) into 1/4 wide strips with scissors or rotary fabric cutter. But, the easiest way to cut the sheets into strips is with a paper shredder. It needs to be a fairly new shredder, one that has been around for years cutting paper may not be sharp enough anymore. Don’t use a cross cut shredder however!

Here are some of the comments on this fly.

Robert Rowlands 2 years ago–Update to last post a year ago. I now tie this fly with one extra layer of foam, so there are three layers instead of two. The fly gets so torn up the extra buoyancy of one more fold of foam adds to the fly life. This fly is the woolly bugger of dry flies for panfish and bass. I have literally caught thousands of fish with this fly. Highly recommended.

Robert Rowlands 3 years ago–Your vid got me started tying this fly a couple years ago. I’ve caught incredible numbers of panfish and bass with a white gurgle pop tied this exact way. Thanks.

mbi777 5 years ago– My go to fly with lots of confidence now. Bream, bass, and bluegill! Nice video and thanks for the lesson

T.J. Mckern 6 years ago–I make 2 pound bluegill chase it and chase it and then “WHAM!!!!”

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