Just A Bug

Many years ago when I was in medical school, I had one of the doctors I was working with tell me that I needed to see what a doctor does on his day off.  He picked me up the next morning at 5 am and we went Bream fishing on Lake Conway.

I have always liked Bream fishing.  When I was younger, my grandfather would be waiting for me to get home from school so that we could go fishing.  I would see the cane poles sticking out of the window of his car. He had a can of worms ready. I would go straight to the car and off we would go. Later I graduated to a fly rod and artificial bait.  There is nothing more exciting than catching a fish on a topwater fly like a Bream killer.  Now 70 years later, that thrill is still there.  My heart beats fast every time I catch a fish.

Just A Bug is a panfish fly described in John McKim’s book Fly Tying Adventures in Fur, Feathers and Fun.  It is easy to tie and only uses two materials plus a hook and tying thread. I have caught many Bream on this fly.  In clear water, you can watch the fly sink and fish surrounding the fly looking at it.  But the minute the fly moves, a fish will pounce on it.

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