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Sowbug Roundup

Dewey Freeman

The Sowbug was a big success.  There were over one hundred fly tiers and hundreds of visitors. Saturday was by far the busiest day. It was an opportunity to visit old friends such as Captain Unk Smith, Fishy Fullum  and others.  But just as important to a make new friends. However, as I looked around, I could not help but notice the vast the majority of the tiers were grey headed, if they had any hair at all.  I thought I would take this opportunity to profile some of the younger tiers and vendors.

Fly Tying

Gurgle Pop

I posted this fly in 2010.  Since then the video has been viewed 10,243 times.

The Gurgle Pop is a foam popper that is deadly on Bream and Bass. I have caught hundreds of Bass on this fly in the Boundary Waters. The fly is easy to tie.

Fly Tying

Soft Hackle Flies

Green Lantern

At the Sowbug two years ago, I was tying a Green Lantern Soft Hackle fly.  This fly is described in Allen McGee’s excellent book Fly Fishing Soft-Hackles. When I had finished the fly, a spectator said, “Do you want me to show you the correct way to tie a soft hackle?”

Fly Fishing/Fly Tying

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Welcome to  Previously, I had the Web Site on one server and the Blog on another.  But recently the Blog accounts and domaine were cancelled (my automatic renewal expired).  Well, I have redesigned the Site to hold Static and Blog pages.  Think I have everything working.  All the old pages are back as well as the Beginner Flies and Methods use to tie them.  I have checked all the links and they seem to be working.  If you find a broken link, please let me know and I will fix it. The Blog is on its own page.  Unfortunately, I was not able to retrieve the old post.  Please feel free to comment, Like, and Share.