Fly Fishing Expo 2019 will be held in Bozeman, Montana on July 22 through July 27.  I will be tying on Thursday and Friday of that week.  If you are there, come by and say hi.  I have been trying to decide what flies to tie.  Of course, one day I will be tying the wobble bugger and wobble frog,  On the second day, I am going to tie paraloop emergers.

I have described how to tie the paraloop emerger in a previous post. Here are two more versions.  One uses a Javelina hair and one using a synthetic quill. The Javelina hair is dyed medium blue dun.  It can also be colored with marker pens. The hair is fairly strong and does not split like peacock quill. After tying the body, coat the quill with varnish or some other protectant.

Javelina Hair Paraloop

The second version uses a synthetic quill.  These are available from the fly shop and come on cards ready to use. There are 20 tapered quills.

Synthetic Quill

Here is a fly using these for a body.  I think they look very realistic. There is no need to coat the synthetic quill.

Synthetic Quill Paraloop

I’ll see you at the Expo.   Please LIKE and SHARE.

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