Michael Lack Tying at Southern Council Conclave

I was tying at the Southern Council Conclave in Mountain Home Arkansas in October 2008, when Buddy Price came up and asked if he could video me tying. I asked what he was going to do with the video. ¬ĚProbably put it on YouTube.¬Ě Well the rest is history. I signed up for a YouTube account and a couple of days later was able to watch the video. While surfing, I noticed a lot of other tying videos. Some were of excellent quality, like Buddy’s video, and some were not as good.

What a great way to learn fly tying. However, they all assume a basic knowledge of fly tying procedures. In my experience, people new to tying are hesitant to ask questions, especially in groups. It would be nice if there was a site that explained each procedure in detail in a video format so that the newcomer could watch the instructions over and over as needed. BugCrafters.com was born. Here you will find video of fly tying procedures and fly tying that you can watch as many times as you need. I also have information on materials and tools that you will need. Hopefully, this site will be useful to the newcomer as well as the fly tier who is just looking for a new pattern or a new way to tie a pattern. Only time will tell if we succeed.

You can watch that video here!