The day after Christmas, David Weingold, my son, and I went bird hunting.  I am not much of a hunter. I don’t shoot anything I will not eat.  But David likes to eat the quail and pheasant.  I go along just to take pictures and watch the dog work.

We get up early and drive to Ozark Acres in Southern Missouri. It is about a 2-hour drive, and we get there when they open at 8:00.  They put out eight pheasants and eight chuckers.  We hunt till about noon and then drive home.  I was able to collect a lot of chucker feathers and pheasant rump feathers for fly tying.

David’s dog Sandy was amazing. She found all the pheasant and almost all of the chucker. Here is a picture of her on point.

Sandy on Point

I liked this picture so much; I just had to share it.

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