In my last post, I described the Veiled Caddis as an alternative to the Sparkle Pupa.  When tying the Sparkle Pupa, the Antron fibers were either too thin or ballooned out too much. However, searching the internet, I found an easy way to get perfect results.

To use this method, attach the tying thread mid shank and wind to a point opposite the barb of the hook.  I am using a Lightning Strike NW1 size 12. Brush the Antron yarn so that the fibers are straight.  Tie in a bunch on the opposite side of the hook. Then another on the near side of the hook. Distribute the fibbers around the shank of the hook.

Start of Sparkle Pupa

Add a body and wrap to mid shank.

Body Sparkle Pupa

Once the body is tied off, wrap the tying thread in 2-3 open turns to the eye of the hook. Pull the Antron fibers forward tightly and make a couple of loose turns at the eye of the hook.

Antron Pulled Forward

Push the Antron fibers backward to the end of the body and tie off with tight wraps. This will cause the fibers to balloon around the abdomen forming the bubble.

Antron Pushed Backward

Trim off the excess fibers.  Add a Thorax and soft hackle collar.  Finish with a whip finish.

The finished fly.

Sparkle Pupa

You can watch a video of this technique by Tim Flagler HERE.

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