Dewey Freeman

The Sowbug was a big success.  There were over one hundred fly tiers and hundreds of visitors. Saturday was by far the busiest day. It was an opportunity to visit old friends such as Captain Unk Smith, Fishy Fullum  and others.  But just as important to a make new friends. However, as I looked around, I could not help but notice the vast the majority of the tiers were grey headed, if they had any hair at all.  I thought I would take this opportunity to profile some of the younger tiers and vendors.

Jalen Riley

Jaylen Riley has 5 sisters and 1 brother.  She is 11 years old and has been tying for 5 years.  Her family runs Rileys Outfitters in Buffalo City.  They provide Jon Boat rentals, Fly or Spin Guide Trips, Kayak and Canoe Float Trips and a Shuttle Service.   Her little sister, Sunny, also ties.

Liz Siepker

Liz Siepker is the owner of Driftless Fishers in Decorah, Iowa.  She has been guiding in the driftless area Iowa for 25 years. In addition to guided fishing trips, she can also provide casting instructions.  If you go see her, tell her I sent you.  You won’t get a discount but I might.


Adam Pennington

Adam Pennington is a 24 year old fly tier and fishing guide making his first trip to the Sowbug.  He can be found on the web at catchAdam.wordpress .com. He has an excellent blog and already has a Sowbug post with incredible pictures posted.  Check out his YouTube channel “Adams Adventures”.

Finally, as I was leaving, I met Eli Burrow, a 28 year old, who runs Upstream Outfitters.  He is working out of his house and has some canoes for rent.  But mostly he is into graphic tee shirts and hats.  He can be found on Facebook at Upstream Outfitters.

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