Bream Fly

Like everyone else, I make New Years Resolutions every year. You know, the usual, be
healthier, exercise more, lose weight. But somehow, I can never keep them. So this year is going to be different. My resolution this year is to go fishing at least one time a month, minimum.

The weather in Arkansas has been cold this January, and I have not been able to go fishing. I don’t tolerate the cold like I used to. However, yesterday the high was 60 degrees but a little windy. So, Michael Ames and I went fishing on his pond. To qualify for a fishing trip, Michael’s definition, you have to fish for one hour or catch one fish.

I was using a bream fly that was a combination Just-A-Bug and Ugly Bug. The body was mohair yarn. Copper wire was used as weight and to tie off the yarn at the rear of the body. The tail was black marabou.

It worked. I caught two small Bream and then lost my fly to the trees. Well, one month down eleven to go. This year is off to a good start.

Bream Fly

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