Klinkhamer Emerger

The paraloop method can also be used to tie emergers.  Instead of pulling the hacked brush flush with the top of the thorax, the hackle brush can be left long and looped over the thorax.

This fly is tied on a size 16 Klinkhamer hook.  The tail represents a trailing shuck and is tied with cream yarn fibers. The body is stripped peacock herl. The hackle brush is left long and looped over a dubbed thorax.

Late Emerger

Flies in various stages of emerging can be tied using the paraloop method. This fly is tied on a size 14 DF1 Lightening Strike hook.  The position of the post determines the stage of emergence.  For an early emerger position the post just in front of the mid shank point. Mid-stage emergers have a post just behind mid shank point. For late emergers, the post is tied at the rear of the hook. Again the hackle brush is looped over the thorax.


Using these methods, you can mimic many emerging flies


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