What fly is tied using only two materials (not counting the hook) and tying thread is not one of them?

Killer Bug

The Killer Bug uses only two materials, Jamieson’s Spindrift Wool Yarn, Oyster color,  and copper wire. Copper wire is wound around the shank of the hook to add weight and left hanging at the bend of the hook. The wool yarn is attached as you would tying thread.  It is wound to the bend of the hook, back to the eye of the hook, and finally back to the bend. For flys smaller than 14, use only one strand of the yarn. The yarn can also be twisted to make a smaller profile. Two wraps of the copper wire are used to tie off the wool.  The excess yarn and copper wire are trimmed.

Spindrift Wool

Tying this fly is described in Morgan Lyle’s book Simple flies.  The Killer Bug was developed by Frank Sawyer of Pheasant Tail Nymph fame. Initially developed for Grayling, it works for trout too.  This fly was popularized in the United States by Chris Steward, The Trout Bum. If you add a soft hackle to the front of the fly, the Killer Bug becomes the Utah Killer Kebari, also developed by Stewart.

Utah Killer Kebari

What fly could be easier to tie, and it works!

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