CDC and Elk Caddis

The CDC and Elk is a caddis imitation that is easy to tie and very effective.  This down wing imitation can be used for caddis as well as mayfly and stonefly hatches. In fact, it is a great attractor pattern when there is no obvious hatch.

Ting the CDC and Elk is straight forward.  It is tied on dry fly hooks size 12 and smaller. Select a CDC feather and stroke the feather fibers toward the tip of the feather.  I used tan, but other colors also work well. Tie the feather in by the tip at the bend of the hook.  Wrap the feather forward, stroking the fibers backward as you wrap to the eye.  Tie off and trim the CDC butt end. Use either elk or deer hair to form the wing. Cut off a small bunch of hair and remove the underfur.  Place the hair in a hair stacker to even the ends of the hair.  Tie the hair in on top of the hook just behind the eye. Trim the butt ends.

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