Gurgle Pop

The Gurgle Pop is a variation on the Gartside Gurgler.  It is easy to tie, and I have caught many bream and bass on this fly.

I posted a video of this fly almost ten years ago.  It was well received and viewed over 10,000 times.  Here are some of the comments.

mbi777– My go to fly with lots of confidence now. Bream, bass, and bluegill! Nice video and thanks for the lesson.

Richard Roland–Your vid got me started tying this fly a couple years ago. I’ve caught incredible numbers of panfish and bass with a white gurgle pop tied this exact way. Thanks.

TJ Mckem–I make 2 pound bluegill chase it and chase it and then “WHAM!!!!

When you post things on the internet, you never know how people will respond.  Comments like these make it all worthwhile.

This video and others are available on the youTube BugCrafters channel.

Tying this fly is easy.  The part that takes the longest is cutting the foam strips.  You can use scissors or razor knife and straight edge.  I found the easiest way and most reproducible way is to use a paper shredder.

Your can watch me tie this fly here.

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