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Michael Lack Tying

The Branson Fly Fishing Expo was held this last weekend.  It was canceled last year because of COVD.  Unfortunately because of the COVID Delta variant attendance was down. There were few vendors, slightly more fly tyers, and an occasional visitor. However, I had a great time. I was able to tie a lot of flies and give them away. I was also able to visit every vendor and tier.  As usual, I never fail to learn something. I got to see several old friends and make new ones.  Isn’t that what the show is really about.  I’ll be there next year!


Fly Fishing

FFI Fly Fishing Expo 2019

The FFI Fly Fishing expo 2019 was held July 23-27 at Montana State University in Bozeman Montana. After having a great time fishing and exploring Montana and Yellowstone National Park, it was time for the show. However, we had a small problem.  We were on the way to the show and had a minor motor vehicle accident.

Fly Fishing/Fly Tying

Hello world!

Welcome to  Previously, I had the Web Site on one server and the Blog on another.  But recently the Blog accounts and domaine were cancelled (my automatic renewal expired).  Well, I have redesigned the Site to hold Static and Blog pages.  Think I have everything working.  All the old pages are back as well as the Beginner Flies and Methods use to tie them.  I have checked all the links and they seem to be working.  If you find a broken link, please let me know and I will fix it. The Blog is on its own page.  Unfortunately, I was not able to retrieve the old post.  Please feel free to comment, Like, and Share.