Sowbug 2022

The 2022 Sowbug Roundup was held this past weekend after a 2 year absence. At the show, I raffled off a fly box with flies. Deb McFarland won the fly box.

After a two year absence, everyone was ready to visit and see old friends and make new ones.  The three day show was well attended. I was very encouraged to see a lot of young tiers at the show.

Jalen Rley tying several years ago and this year.  Not much change.  Her little sister was also there.

Here are more pictures of young tyers.

Of course, old friends were there.

Capt “Unk” Smith

Charles Frank

Bruce Whittle

Don Lawler

Nathan Bettencourt

David Weingold was also there.  He was begging flies as usual. He always said that Peter Allen never gave him a fly. Well, here’s proof that he did. Actually, he was just showing him the wire he used to tie a fly.

Peter Allen

Looking forward to next year’s show.

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