Zonker Leech
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Zonker Leech

Zonker Leech


The Zonker Leech is an easy-to-tie effective fly. In small sizes, it may represent a swimming mayfly nymph;  in medium sizes, a leech and in larger sizes, a baitfish. No matter what sizes you tie, it looks like food to the fish.

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Urban Fishing Florida

I had a hard time getting my fishing in for February. It was a short month with cold weather and ice at the end of the month. In addition, I was down with a cold for a week. But on the last day of the month, the weather turned nice with 65-degree temps. So I went to Craighead lake to fish. I didn’t catch anything, but I was able to practice my casting for an hour.

However, David Weingold and Michael Ames flew to Boca Raton, Florida, to fish for bass.

The   Fly Fishing Show
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The Fly Fishing Show

The Fly Fishing Show is a series of shows presented by Ben Furimsky. The program has six different shows around the country; Edison, NJ, Atlanta, GA, Denver, CO, Pleasanton, CA, Lancaster, PA, and Marlboro, MA. The International Fly Tying Symposium is also one of his shows. This past weekend I had my first experience with the Atlanta Fly Fishing Show.